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Getting Reacquainted

The Muse at MaGriffe is metamorphosing again, this incarnation will segue from a brick-and-mortar presence, to an online format. But, our mission remains steadfast in reaching out and speaking to people, touching them on a personal level and inspiring them to honor their spirits, listen to their hearts, and pursue their dreams. "MaGriffe" translates figuratively from the French to "my mark
or statement", and it is our intention to continue making a mark for alternatives, and a
statement for creative expression.
L'Galerie...will be a virtual space for artists to post images of their work,
curated by Eva Marie Vargo, Creative Director at MaGriffe L'Studio...will host "Dais of Our Lives", a web version of the Salon, a cultural oasis with its roots in France where visionaries gathered to share thoughts and expand horizons. Each month a "Hot Topic" will be announced, and site visitors will be invited to post their perspectives and possibilities L'Jardin...will pursue its mission of disseminating seeds of edification about sustainable practices to stewards of the Earth seasonally.